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Text messages from Koodo when in US

  • 22 September 2022
  • 3 replies

I live in a border community and so I frequently travel into the US for a few hours.  Sometimes I forget to put my phone on airplane mode, and then I get 2 text messages from Koodo welcoming me to the US and suggesting I sign up for Easy Roam (which I don’t want).  These text messages from Koodo, which I don’t even want, cost me $12 every time it happens.  Is there any way to stop these text messages from coming?

3 replies

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Incoming text messages are free and don’t trigger roaming charges.

The likely culprit if you’re not actively making or answering phone calls or responding to texts is your phone using data.

Nope, the charges are for 2 incoming texts from Koodo while in the US.  This happens every time I go to the US and forget to go to airplane mode.  

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