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Temporarily suspending service for leaving Canada

  • 18 November 2021
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I am leaving Canada for 6 months next months.

Can I temporarily suspend the service and reinstate when I come back?

I have a contract and anyone have good idea to save.



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3 replies

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Yes. You can opt for the Koodo seasonal hold plan. It is for 15 dollars a month, plus you continue tab payments. You'll have to pick a new in market plan, though. How much tab bonus do you have? Another option is to move your number to a VoIP service for a one time port fee. The advantage is you're able to keep using your number with a data connection. It takes a little bit of setup on return as you have to port out to Koodo again, but depending on your current plan and tab bonus to be on the hook for, it could be well worth it.


Here is more info tho if you just want to keep your line with koodo:



Thanks Goran

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If you still want to select the $15 seasonal hold plan, recommend the $15 3G plan instead. This way you can still receive incoming texts for free. Jjst make sure you don't send texts, talk, or use data on order to avoid roaming fees.