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Telus Deal including Koodo problem

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi all,


I got a couple of days ago a bundle from Telus that included home and tv, all by phone, directly from Telus. Included in the bundle I asked if the sales rep had any promotions for mobility because I was looking for to leave Rogers and cut some expenses. I ended up getting a great deal and included Koodo in the agreement. I should receive the chip by tomorrow.

Today I got in my Koodo account and saw in the Self Serve that the agreement in there does not relate at all to what we spoked.  Asked a callback from Koodo this afternoon and asked the attendant that told me that if the sales person promised it would be in my account when the billing cycle was finished. The problem is that not only the price is wrong but also the data amount in the plan. I really can’t afford this higher plan they put me on and would like some help from the community. 

At the end of the day I got to schedule a callback from Telus tomorrow morning to see if anyone there can help me as it seems Koodo does’t really can solve much when the offer comes from Telus. Anyways, just sharing my, so far, quite frustrating experience before even have received my SIM and used the service.

PS: I could talk to Telus about the rest of the bundle and it looked right. Unfortunately I did not had any time to call Telus Mobility today as I spent over 3 hours after work talking to both Koodo and Telus Home and Loyalty customer services. They came to install and worked just fine



8 replies

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Can you give a few more details? What plan did you expect and how does what you ended up with differ from that?

I was offered a $45/50GB and I got a $65/30GB


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That's odd... Did you get anything in writing?

Could it be that you got the extra amount of data as an add-on, or the discount as bill credit perhaps?

Not really, it was done by phone call. There is this partnership in my building and it seems Telus has good deals there. That was my hope, that this was supposed to be added in the bill like happens in the Home Internet but the Customer Service rep i got a hold yesterday said there were nothing stated in my account. I’m trying to contact Telus by chat now.

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Yeah that's a hairy situation... Wishing you luck 🙂

Update: Telus customer service advised me to talk to Koodo again and explain everything, again. At least they gave me a direct phone number to call, let’s see. I’ll keep updating this post

Final Update: got a great call from Koodo customer service agent. He kept me in line while he was looking for everything, very polite. He managed to talk to the sales agent that promised me the deal. It seems this deal was triggering an error under Koodo system and they needed some time to fix this under the hood (days or weeks). I opted to cancel and close the account for now as i could be charged for the wrong price if this was not fixed before my fist billing cycle finished.

Hope i can get this deal sometime soon


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Wow, bummer. I think I would have waited it out, but there really aren’t any wrong solutions here :) Hope you find your perfect deal soon… usually back to school deals and Black Friday deals are the best. Not helpful right now since both are several months away… but keep it in mind :)