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roaming charges

  • 18 September 2023
  • 2 replies

Roaming and US roaming charges on both mine and my wife’s phone. We did not go into the US or use are phones there. Would like to see those charges removed. Thank you 

2 replies

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If you didn’t travel into US, the issue could be from accidental roaming when your phone did connect to us tower when you travels near the border. I will flag a rep to look into it. In the future you could disable automatic network selection in your phone and manually select Koodo. That would help.

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Hello @gcash 


We can see that you already spoke with one of our representatives and you were assisted in regards to the roaming. 

The steps provided by @Dinh would prevent any other accidental roaming in the future. Turning the setting Data Roaming off is also recommended. 


I will share a great help page with more details here: