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reverse credit score ding

  • 17 November 2023
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I am a Koodo customer who used Koodo for a couple months.

I asked the retail store to see if I have any leftover balance to pay and I was told there is no balance.

I made pre authorized payments to Koodo, and I have since been dinged on my credit score for late payments.

Recently, I found out my credit score was affected drastically in the past couple months, so I did my own investigation through TransUnion. i have proof of payments to Koodo from my Scotiabank.

I would like to know more details about it since I did not receive any email regarding the charge, and I would like to ask Koodo to request reversal of these dings on my TransUnion credit score.   

Account #: ******92


6 replies

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You’ll have to reqeust a callback on this one. You’ll have to be able to confirm that any payments outstanding were the oones you paid, and not something like you missed final outstanding amounts. If this was less than 90 days after cancellation, you can access your self-serve to see your final bill. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask about this as well.

how do I request a call back? I have only been a koodo customer for about 90-120 days. 

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Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you said you cancelled. So if you go into your self-serve, there’s an outstanding balance?

yes it says I have 92.67 balance due November 23 but i have proof of payment of the 92.67 in form of email from Scotiabank that I can provide, and my bills auto deposit. I have not been a customer with koodo for long enough to have anything go to collections. so i don't understand the hit on my credit score.   

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Hi @Tsw 

Based on the account details, there are payments made after the due date. You should be able to see more details in self serve under the billing section.

If you need more details, we can also send you a PM, please let us know. Thanks! 

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@Tsw Are you sure you set up pre-authorized payments?  If it is pre-authorized payments, the payments shouldn't be late.  Pre-authorized payments also process payments prior to the bill due date.

Did you set up a 1-time payment instead?


Out of curiosity, How did you set up pre-authorized payments?