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re my not completely understood billling

  • 11 January 2022
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Last month, foreseeing need to call USA ( from Canada) I added the Intl Long Distance Saver 2.90

and this then brings down the charge per minute to reasonable, so was caged addl.  airtime.  1.10

then was also charged, and this is my question, for first time ever, an addl 3.00 charge

  has also been added on  ……shows ….as add- on  ……perhaps something with MMS or SMS


is it a new thing, mandatory to all, as I was not charged this B4, and just a coincidence, or is it to do,

with the Long Aristotle saver and the extra minutes for us8ng minutes on the long distance saver.

because I never had it before, but had it last month.

also, do I have to each month ask for the long distance saver, or does it stay on as a desired option…. As I hope it will!,

as I said I think I saw the 3.00 non- understood option as SMS or MMS,

al wanted to understand.

I guess it is loss I did something new,

like got amTikToc from a friend or used a facetime( which I did ) but usually do not use )

if you understand how to advise or help me, and it costs me nothing, l,so advise?

thank you





2 replies

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The International Long Distance Saver (or ILDS) add-on is $3.00/month. The ILDS rate for calling the USA is $0.05/minute. The add-on should stay on your account until you decide to remove it. This add-on is for long-distance calling only and does not include SMS or MMS messaging. 


Did you send SMS or MMS messages to the USA?

If you can provide a screenshot of your bill, we’ll be able to better explain the other charges to you. Please block out any information that identifies you as this is a public forum. 

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That was so hard to read. I think I understood half of it.


If you see a $3 charge, that is the long distance saver add-on that is charged for the next month (wireless providers bill 1 month ahead). 

You should see more details by downloading your detailed pdf ebill from self serve