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Prevent additional airtime charges

  • 14 October 2021
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On my last bill I was charged $20 for a 25 minute call.  It was a Google Meets number and I did not realize the area code was US and not Canada.  Is it possible to not be able to call numbers that are not included in my plan.  I don’t ever call the US directly and this instance was purely accidental.





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9 replies

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You can block international calls by removing the international pay per use long distance add-on but there's nothing you can do to block calls to all American numbers.

Thanks for the reply Allan.

That’s unfortunate as it is difficult to tell whether an area code is in the US or not.  Appreciate your help though.


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A quick search will give you the answer if the number’s in the US or Canada. 

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If it's not an area code you recognize, then um... Don't call it and do a quick google search.

This is pretty much common sense right? 

@Robert T and @Dennis your comments are rather obvious.  I was driving when I had to join the call and as a result I wasn’t in a position to search.  Another factor that complicated this further is most of the time Google offers a Canadian number to dial.  $20 for 25 minutes is very expensive to not have safe guards in place.  My call could easily have gone on longer.

I will reiterate my comment that it is unfortunate that there are no safe guards in place.  And it is a given that I or anyone else would look up the number before calling however, we don’t always have the luxury of verifying the number.

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The problem is that Canada & US share the same international dealing code. Therefore it’s hard to put a safe guard in place. 

I understand there are limitations and appreciate your feedback.  I can tell you that it was an expensive online meeting (I’m sure you know how meaningful and important those are) so I’ll be careful in the future.

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Unlike data, the CRTC believes that talk minutes and long distance calls are easily controllable by the caller so the wireless code has safeguards in place for data overages but unfortunately not for talk.


Honestly it should be doable. But most wireless providers will not do it unless it's forced onto them.


Since the long distance was for work, I highly recommend you speak with your manager and expense the charge since it was work related, and you were given a long distance number to call. 

@Dennis thanks for the info.

I am a bit hesitant to claim it as it is kind of ridiculous to claim $20 for a recurring meeting I’ve been attending the whole year.  But I agree with you that it is worth a conversation with my manager.