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Preauthorized payment not charging my card

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi All,

My account is set up for preauth on my credit card, and my account says the payments will go through on the 16th of every month - but they don’t. The card isn’t maxed out or anything, it’s my business visa (although it was maxed out 1 month, so I understand why that month didn’t go through), but for the last 4 months my card has never been charged on time.

Can anyone help me understand why?

Thanks in advance.



Best answer by Chris Koodo 30 November 2021, 14:56

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4 replies

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Was that the 1st month you used the PAP method? If so, they mentioned that “it can take one full bill cycle for your PAP to register”https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/setting-pre-authorized-payments

I suggest you pay the due amount, and wait for the next billing cycle to see if the PAP works or not.

No, the PAP was set up in July or August. It never did work properly and I ended up having to pay my bills manually.

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I will flag a rep here. Hopefully there is an easy fix for you. My best guess is the problem with 1 month (where you maxed out), the card might have been flagged as “bad” by Koodo PAP system.

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@CVPC - Hey there! Our billing team is actually aware of the issue with the inaccurate dates on Self-Serve and a fix should be released soon. Until then, you could find all the information about when your payment will be taken here.

In essence, your bill due date is always 5 days before the last day of your cycle (this is done to give enough time for manual payments to get processed).  Pre-authorized payments, on the other hand, typically get withdrawn about 10 days before your due date (give or take a few days due to holidays and weekends). 

In your case, this means that Koodo will actually withdraw the funds from your card around the 3 - 4th of every month. 

Hope this helps :)