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Pre connection charges

  • 13 September 2021
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I just switched over to Koodo and received my first bill. My new sim card was mailed on approx Sept 1 by snail main which I didn’t receive until Sept 7th. I just received my first bill which, if I’m reading it correctly is from Sept 1 - Sept 7. There is the monthly charge - I’m assuming for the month going forward but it isn’t stipulated and then a pro-rated amount for those first 7 days of Sept prior to my activation. Unfortunately because Koodo chooses to send thing snail mail and there was a holiday in the mix I passed my billing cycle date from my previous carrier and have to pay them a pro-rated amount for those days which I get. What i don’t get is why I’m being charged for 7 days of service that I didn’t have because I hadn’t received my sim card yet. As soon as I received it I immediately moved my phone over and ported my  number.


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Koodo estimates the starting date of a new account. You can definitely contact them to ask a refund for the days that you didn't have your SIM card yet 

Request a callback form the virtual assistant, or contact them on Twitter/Facebook.