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Paid Bill Suspended

Hello, Paid my bill and my account was suspended. 

Looking to get my service back as I need it for work. Not interested in paying a 50$ reconnection fee. 

Otherwise I will cancel my account and go somewhere else.



Best answer by Sophia 22 June 2022, 19:32

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Having trouble talking to someone, but once a month a get a phone call to buy a goddam Tablet that I have said no Thank you to about 6 times, why is this so hard?

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Well, not being interested in paying your reconnection fee is not going to cut it I’m afraid. You were late enough to get disconnected, so you must face the consequences. Note that if you cancel without paying, you can’t port your number to another provider. You can call #227 to make payment arrangements or report a payment.

well I would have just bought out the rest of the contract and not reconnected the phone, but we made an argreement . Thank you for the quick reply and the info on the number.