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  • 16 September 2023
  • 13 replies

My basic plan has increased from 40 to $50. I'm not paying. Mike.

13 replies

My basic plan fee has increased from 40 to $50. I'm not paying!

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Can you check your apDF EBill - this month and last few months 

It sound like your $10/mo credit expired...?

I gave seen $5 price increase on old plans, but not $10 increase.

Need callback from live agent

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Need callback from live agent

Check your Ebill first. All detailed info is there why it increased or caused by some other charges.

My plan was 40 because we are telus home customer. There was no expiration

I cannot download bills. They were previously available on your web.site

Need callback

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What error are you getting when you try to download your bill?


If you’d like a callback that has to be done via Koodo’s website, specifically on the help page.

since we last communicated, I have managed to view our September statements. The $10 telus customer credit is showing up on both our subaccounts as it should.  My wife's plan has increased $5/month for no apparent reason.  It was, and still should be $50/month.  There was never a discount to expire.  How long has this unauthorized overcharge been in place?  Obviously I will not be paying this amount moving forward and expect a credit on our account balance in the amount of the cumulative overpayment.  At that time, I will make full payment of amounts owing Koodo.

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I’d advise against not paying your bill as all that will do is get flagged to your credit as missed payments and will eventually lead to your account being shut down.


When it comes to price increases, telecoms are only legally required to give you 30 days notice and usually the notice is found at the bottom of the bill, a month before the price increase occurred.

I would advise you credit my account

With your holy-er-than-thou attitude, it's a wonder you have clients at all.  Until now I was impressed by fact Koodo did not jerk me around... yet, I suppose...

You are communicating with other Koodo clients - no one here can credit your account.