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Overage Charges that are unwarranted

  • 30 November 2021
  • 2 replies

I received tow overage charges on my November bill.  One for call Los Angeles - apparently for 4 minutes.  I did not make this call.  And second, a roaming charge while I was in Sooke BC.  How can I dispute these charges.  I have tried the 855 number and just get a recorded message...argh!  Thanks for any assistance. 

2 replies

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If possible, could you post the USA number here? did you recall you used zoom or any video/audio call service on those days?

Accidentally roaming while you are in Canada wasn’t uncommon when you travelled anywhere near the US border. You would need a rep to assist.

To contact Koodo, you have to go here www.koodo.com/chat and chat with their bot to schedule a call back. You can also chat with reps via social media at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo or Twitter


The number on my bill is:  323-618-1887. The only two video call/audio call services I have on my phone are FaceTime and WhatsAp.  I checked the call history in both of them and no calls were made at the time indicated on my bill.  I have no reason to call LA.


Thanks for the info on contacting Koodo...sounds like a pain, but thanks.  I do not use Facebook or twitter though.