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New customer, just received SIM card, charged for the last 10 days of no service

  • 23 September 2022
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Hello. My SIM card just arrived yesterday (Sept. 22nd, 12 days after I subscribed). I am setting up my Koodo account today and upon registering, I saw I have been billed since Sept. 13th. I would like the extra charges to be removed as I am already being charged by telus for my old service. I assume that will change today, which is when I will start using the Koodo service and is when the charges from Koodo should start.
Please advise how I can get this matter resolved.



Best answer by Dinh 24 September 2022, 08:28

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4 replies

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The service was charged from the day they activated, not from the day you “used” your SIM. SIM was delivered by Canada Post. 12day for Canada post to deliver a SIM seems to be outrageous.  You could try to contact Koodo directly and ask a rep to look into it.



Thank you Dinh. I have requested a call with them and have it set for Sunday. Yes, an extraordinary length of time it has taken and thought it must have been lost in transit. In an email response regarding this, they said something about having a higher volume than normal. The process has been extremely frustrating and I am questioning my decision to go with Koodo. The reason I did so (vs, Public or other) was I thought they had customer service at Koodo. They do but it’s a 2 day turn around time which is problematic!
Thank you once again!

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I suggest you wait till the callback time as they need to verify certain thing with your account. 

Koodo had rep but they are also moving toward a selfserve brand. If you would like to have a quicker response time and have a phone number to call, you might have to look into Telus.

I spoke to them yesterday and they would only agree to credit me for 2 or 3 days of the service, so I opted to cancel. I do need a service that has a reachable support team, so found an equally good price for same pkg that has a reachable customer service team.