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Need extra charges explained, want to dispute

  • 17 November 2023
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My husband and I travelled to the States for 3 days, we were both charged roaming which is fine because we used our phones while we were there however, I have an extra $10 data charge and we have at least 3 to 4 $14.00 charges where it looks like a call was made for 1 min.  From what I understood, if you have roaming on, you pay the daily fee and your regular services apply, I am not understanding all the extra charges.  Hoping a koodo rep can explain.



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6 replies

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Is this mainly the 10 dollar charge? You get to use your plan as normal. Did you potentially go over your data allotment? If not, I can flag a rep to look inot it.

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No, we were both charged the $42 for the three days of roaming individually which is fine.

Then we got a $10 (US 1X Data Roaming charge) and under airtime we have six separate $14 charges for one minute that say ER/VC.  We did not make any phone calls while in the United States


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I’ll flag a rep t assist as they’ll need to for the data roaming charge. So you’re saying that these 6 charges for 1 minute were on separate days from the data usage? Easy roam charges show up as ER/VC 1 minute to initiate easy roam.

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Ahh I see now...okay yes then we need to just check the extra $10/data roaming.

We were also charged almost $40 for calling New York from Niagara Falls when we were cancelling a hotel reservation, it was supposed to be a 1-800, not sure if they can do anything about that.

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 Hello @shelleepro 

We verified the account and it seems like adding the Easy Roam Feature and getting the charge were very close, timewise. It is a possibility that there was a delay until the Easy roam feature took effect and for a brief moment you connected to the US and got charged for data. 

We can confirm that the roaming feature was added before the charge so we can credit that $10 fee. 


As for the Long distance international calls, they are valid fees and cannot be credited. 


The $10 will take effect within 3-5 minutes in the overview section of the Self Serve account.

I will also include a great help page that can provide more details about roaming: 


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thank you.