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long distance to Germany- still have to pay?

  • 16 March 2023
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Since the employees on the phone are never a help for me and my Fiona refund was messed up too i juat got it back with posting here: With the Black Friday deal I got a new phone and I also had to upgrade my phone plan. Before that I had included long distance to Germany and didn't had to pay extra.  Since I have the new plan i get charged and my phone bill is over 200$. A Koodo employee told me on the phone that if I upgrade with the long distance perk Germany would be included. I still have to pay!! Why is that? If it can't be fixed I want to cancel my service with Koodo immediately 

2 replies

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There is an option for a long distance roaming add-on as a perk on select plans. That perk only includes calls to U.S., China, Hong Kong, India, UK, Bangladesh, and Mexico though, not Germany.

The only in market add-on for Germany would be the long distance saver add-on.
It is $5/month and would let you call Germany for 5 cents/min.

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The original 1000 international minutes add-on did include Germany on the list. Since then, Germany has been taken off the list. Typically if you change your plan, you lose the special offer add-ons that came with the plan. The surprising part is that a rep told you that Germany is still included in the list for the perk version of the add-on. I would ask for some sort of credit considering what you were told, but no guarantees. If you like, we can flag a rep to see about the old add-on, but eventually the older stuff just isn’t available anymore. I would guess that is the case for the new “perks” vs the old “add-ons”