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Koodo Tab Payment Adjustment for my Previous Phone

  • 12 January 2022
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On December 22, I have a Koodo Tab balance of 330. I have a tab payment of 30 per month.  I have paid my bill for my cycle so the balance must be 300. On December 23, I have paid off my Tab to upgrade to a new phone, my previous payment was not yet reflected on my tab. So in the end, I am gonna pay the 330 instead of the 300.
Is there anyway to remove the 30 in the 330 as I have paid it already the day before I paid the whole tab? I have been scheduling a callback three times already but I haven’t received any callback. 

Thank you for the response..


Best answer by Timo Tuokkola 12 January 2022, 23:34

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3 replies

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Unfortunately, we do not have access to customer accounts here in the community. I’ll flag a rep for you.

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Hi @mrraze456 


It looks like there was $330 left when you paid off your tab.  You can check the tab deduction history under Koodo tab page, in self serve: https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/the-koodo-tab-page-in-self-serve?search_api_views_article_search_fulltext=koodo%20tab


We have also sent you a PM to clarify few more things.

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The tab balance shown on any given month's bill is the balance after that month's tab payment has been deducted.