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Koodo needs to take actions in those in-app billing scams NOW!

  • 20 September 2022
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I was surprised to see extra charges on my cell phones bill because I did not change anything to my current plans. We have 2 cell phones with Koodo my girlfriend and I under the same account with the same phone and the same plan except for the balance charge. The monthly invoice is the same as we do not change anything and we do not travel across the country or somewhere else.

But then, I saw on my bill 2 charges of $4.99 from “1.0000 events”. I asked my girlfriend to know if she has something to do with this and she replied negatively. So, I decided to contact Koodo customer service to know what’s up with these extra charges. After working with this stupid chat assistant for more than an hour, I got to get a call back.

The agent explained to me that we subscribed to a service called Content Quest and she gave us the extension it came from : 5415. I went trough my girlfriend’s text messages to find out that the messages from 5415 went directly into Spam during the night at 12:42 AM and still were UNRED and UNANSWERED before selecting them. After scrolling through the messages, I noticed that the subscription was activated literally by itself.

I told the agent that nobody on our end approved this subscription and wanted a refund as this is clearly a fraud. She told me that they’re not responsible as it’s not Koodo that charges this extra fee but the 3rd party vendor and I must contact them to ask for a refund after cancelling the subscription.

I ended up cancelling the sub and the agent sent a request on my behalf to ask for a refund to the vendor which I’m still waiting for.

Now, why I’m writing this you may ask? 

Well, first of all, this seems to be a known problem across Koodo’s community since a few months already and no action has been taken. Koodo’s customers are clearly victims of fraud and apparently, Koodo won’t do anything to help getting rid of this recurring issue. The best they can do right now is to block the vendor to charge our accounts but can’t do it for all the Pay-by-Mobile thing. So, I have to read every Spam text that I receive (in the hope that I’m not sleeping when it comes) in case that another vendor could try the same gimmick.

So, long story short, Koodo allows scammers to charge their customers via their billing platform and can’t do JackSh*t to avoid this situation.

This is unacceptable and beyond unprofessional!

I really hope that you get the Wake up call NOW, Koodo!!!

14 replies

Bunch of BS. Dont pay your bill

 Koodo is at fault allowing fraudulent activity and  billing you for it. It's there responsibly. I'm having the same issue. They refunded me one month, second month same charge and now they wont refund me. I'm not calling the third party ive already "unsunscribed", via email and text message; something I've never subscribed to in the first place! At this point I'm not wasting more time calling the fraudulent company for a refund. Koodo can deal with it. I just wont pay my Bill's and will switch carriers if they dont deal with it. What's to stop future fraud? Hours on the phone for a refund, hours I'm not being paid for. I've spent so far over 4 hours on this issue with no resolution. 

Beware telus users have this same issue. So dont switch to telus. 

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I wouldn't suggest people don't pay their bills. That is a pretty fast track to ruining your credit rating. Good luck with borrowing money or getting a mortgage … and it hurts Koodo not at all.

I'm not paying for fraud services that's all there is to it. And no it wont affect me one bit not paying it. . And they will be affected if everyone leaves koodo and telus. They have to lose costumers over this to apparently rectify it because so far they are unwilling to fix it. 

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Well good luck moving to another cell phone company as they also do credit checks.

It is totally up to you whether or not you pay your bill.

For everyone else that does cares about their credit, it is best to pay your bills and fight it out with Koodo by other means. You could go to the CRTC for example.

I have no opinion either way about in-app Billings as I haven't experienced them myself. I am just saying an irate client suggesting people don't pay their bills isn't the best move to make.

Good luck.




Um I know people who have switched without paying, people with bad credit still have phones. It's never been a problem. You do realize that koodo charges you a month in  advance so they have that covered. When you start up with them you pay double as you do with all providers, I assume that's to cover this situation. They could go to the debt collectors if they chose to. But they will loose more by not covering the 13 bucks when I change providers. Especially since it's a scam. I've never purchased an app in my life and dont intend to. I've never entered my information in any site. It's a common issue with the same vendor reported on many forums on both telus and kood forums. Also I tried the crtc and they wont handle this complaint. They told me to go through the BBB which I did and will do again. But that doesnt solve the real problem which is how can you block these third party app purchases and fraudulent companies from billing you through koodo. I want a phone provider nothing else. It also makes a person worry about phone security issues if koodo allows this sort of  business practice to go on. How did they get my Information in the first place. 

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Consider going pre-paid: no extra charges allowed, but you will give up certain features like wifi calling and EZroam.


Here’s a little update on my case : 

Vendor won’t refund me… What could I expect from a scammer ?!?!

Now, the only thing left to do as Koodo won’t refund me nor protect me from future fraud like this, is to go to another cellphone service provider and do a complaint with the CCTS.

I never witnessed such a level of incompetence and negligence from a company. This is unreal!


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Hi there @Klaymoots 

We have sent you a private message with more info. 

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Consider Koodo Prepaid. No extra charges ever.


Yeah I cant get a refund either. I am now waiting on a higher level customer support and that was a week ago they promised to call back. This is clearly a scam and it appears that the only solution is the change carriers.

Problem with prepaid is they cost more. 

I'll just switch I guess. And I wont be paying the fraudulent charges, idle threats of damaging credit score be damned. I am very well aware of someone who never paid on time, I'm talking months, and was both able to get a mortgage and switch carriers with no issues. You need to do a heck of a lot more than miss one payment. 

Koodo/telus needs to be sued for this. 

I’m a new customer and I’m now wondering what Koodo will do to stop this if the customers didn’t consent to. Koodo, regardless this is your responsibility if you allow charges on the account, Koodo should be blocking these charges since it’s obvious people haven’t sub to it. I hope Koodo you’ll do the right thing and put a stop to it

The last higher up customer service agent  I spoke to in August said the upper management was not planning on allowing people to block the 3rd party app service. They called back after I launched a BBB complaint. I got one refund in august. No refund for september yet and apparently there is an upcoming charge for October which they cant do anything about. 

The last higher up customer service agent  I spoke to in August said the upper management was not planning on allowing people to block the 3rd party app service. They called back after I launched a BBB complaint. I got one refund in august. No refund for september yet and apparently there is an upcoming charge for October which they cant do anything about. 

Go to the media about it and if you can try getting others to join you, do a class action sue against Koodo  . Bring the media into it if possible. I’m sure once the media gets involved you can sure bet Koodo will do something about it. Regardless what Koodo is saying this is totally their responsibility since they’re aware of it and are doing nothing about block these charges 

Yeah it's time to try contacting cbc marketplace.  I'll give it a go.