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  • 26 November 2021
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I was in Greece for a 5 day trip (October 28/2021- November 2/2021). On November 2nd on the way to the airport my phone was robbed ! Being from canada and just 3 hours before my flight I had no internet connection or a phone to contact kodoo, Upon arrival at 4pm in Toronto I immediately got access to an internet and immediately suspended my SIM. I tried calling kodoo but only could get a choice of a call back and the agent did call me back after 2 hours confirming my sim was blocked and that I had over charges of $17 on top top of my monthly $67 phone plan. I immediately asked her to connect me to a fraud department . She assured me that they would call me the next business day as it was time for her shift to end . I waited 3 days no call back was made regarding this issue. I myself called back on the 6th of November to get a follow up , to which the agent on the phone advised me that the person who robbed my phone made calls worth $3648. I again asked him to escalate the issue to upper management and be assured me that the fraud department would contact me within few business days! ( they didn’t ) 

Few weeks passed and on the 23rd I called kodoo again , to which the agent casually told me that the fraud department does not see this as fraud as I did not block the sim in time. And they did notice some illegal activity and tried calling me on the 2nd but it went to voice mail!!!!!!! ( yes he actually said that )

the agent advised me that I am accountable to pay the whole amount myself ( even though the call log clearly displays that it was a fraud case) . I asked to escalate the case to a manager and he connected me to his support team who asked me to give him 48 hours to work on my case! After 48 hours he calls back to tell me that kodoo can only waive $200 and I am still accountable to pay $3400!!!


I’ve been a customer of kodoo for over 2 years and am very disappointed in how they treat their customers!!! Please help me solve this issue as they are forcing me to pay for a fraud that happened to me when I am not in my country and vulnerable. 





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2 replies

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I’m sorry to hear of this and thank you for providing your detailed account of the incident. I think an official Koodo rep is better equipped to handle this situation as this is a public forum and we do not have access to your account information. I’ve flagged a rep for you.

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Hi @RachelR 


We have sent you a PM, feel free to check it out when you get the chance.