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Is there anyone in the company that I can contact about correcting my bill?

  • 10 February 2024
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After browsing other posts on this feed I’ve found I’m not the only customer being ripped off by Koodo.

I have been living overseas for 18 months and originally put my account on seasonal hold. After 12 months you are no longer eligible for seasonal hold according to their website:

3. I'll be out of Canada for more than 12 months

  • You will not be eligible for a Seasonal Hold Plan, as it can only be used for a maximum of 12 months.

So how is it that after 12 months when I thought my account was sorted and cancelled I was still being charged for seasonal hold and had a random outstanding bill? The only reason I found the bill is through an email I found in my junk mail threatening to send it to collections. 

The lack of customer service and options for communication is absolutely horrendous. They make it impossible to contact them for help. The only assistance they offer is the online “Koodo Assist” chat, that is a robot and not an actual human being. You can schedule a callback with a customer service representative but they don’t make international calls. On top of that if you go through crazy effort to find a way to get in touch with them they do not have the clearance to actually help you or sort your issue. I just had my mom in Canada spend two hours holding her landline phone together with her cell phone so that I could speak to the representative since they don’t do international calls (how insane is that?! not to mention the time difference is extremely difficult to work around). There is nobody they can forward you to, no email you can correspond with and no phone number you can contact yourself, how frustrating! 

I’m hoping one of their customer service agents will see this post and will put me into contact with somebody that has the authority to adjust my bill. The information I got on the 2 hour phone call was that they tried and didn’t have the clearance to adjust my bill after they had already agreed to and said they would be able to. They then reached out to another team that apparently didn’t have the clearance either and there was absolutely nobody available within the company that was able to make bill adjustments. Does that not sound ridiculous and totally unreasonable? Surely, there is somebody in that entire company that has the authority and ability to do this? Seems more like they can’t be bothered or those that do have the authority stay untouchable as to not deal with these issues and just keep wrongfully taking money from people.

Unfortunately for me I ended up paying the amount (that I was incorrectly charged) and cancelling my service while I had the customer service agent on the phone. I also made sure they sent me an email so I had it in writing, in case, in another 3-6 months I get another random bill.

I’m still unsure if I will even get a resolution here but I hope this is a warning to others who are in a similar situation or wondering about the seasonal hold. It definitely feels more like a scam than a service. 

Please see the attached screenshots of other posts asking for help with a similar situation that Koodo has obviously locked from having people respond to. I wish I had seen these before moving overseas and would have just outright cancelled.


The last one is from just two months ago. I wish I could have contacted that customer to see if they got a result. However judging from my experience they probably were ignored or conned out of their money as well.

I doubt I will get a response from this but again hoping to warn others.

Best of luck! 

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Again, I’m clearly not the only one feeling the frustration for the lack of customer service support. Once again they’ve closed this one for comments….


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I am not sure which post was your and which post weren’t in those 2 snapshots above. Linking snapshots of other issue might convoluted your own issue, those cases might be different.

Anyway, If you received an email saying your account was sent to collection. The account was likely already cancelled. If you would like to contact Koodo from overseas without the ability to schedule a call back, you can chat with a rep via their official Facebook or X. Links are below at the bottom of the forum.



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Hi @Katie G

The services don’t automatically get canceled after 12 months. If you do not resume to an in market plan, you’d need to reach out to us on social media if you are out of country or over the phone to request the cancelation.

Koodo does notify the customer of each monthly bill by email, as long as the e.bill notifications are enabled in self serve.