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is it me or Koodo has become the worst company to deal with???

  • 29 November 2021
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I just received my schedule call from Koodo that I waited 24 hours for it and the rep (Oscar) hang up on me and didn't even return my call. Now I have to wait an other 24 hours to reschedule a call back 


Oh my God😮


Can someone out there tell me how to contact Koodo horrible customer service without waiting 24 hours???

4 replies

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Was the signal bad at the time of the callback? When you mentioned the rep hang up on you, what did he/she say before doing so?

Also, what was the issue that you need help with? you can post here. Someone might know the answer.

The signal was good at the time. I've been with Koodo for 10 years and normally when you are in the middle of the call they call you back. Anyway, I ordered by a new phone on Saturday and on Sunday I cancelled the order, everything was fine but my bill need to be adjusted based on my previous plan. They were able to place me back on my previous plan but my bill right now is $848 instead $45. So now I want to pay my bill I can't because is showing $848 past due.


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Hello @Pablo Lopez! According to the notes on your account, the necessary adjustments have already been made and the updated amount due will be reflected in Self Serve in a few days.

Thanks Lavinia for keeping me posted 👍