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Incorrect EasyRoam charge - International

Good morning,

We are on a cruise and on the ship's wifi plan and I noticed yesterday a notification via email that one of the numbers on our account (9757) was utilizing EasyRoam. I immediately reviewed their phone settings and noticed that we had data and roaming off and Airplane mode activated. We acknowledge using EasyRoam on both the 19th and 20th of May, but certainly not the 21st. Hoping you can review this transaction and rectify kindly on your end. As well, possible to ensure we are doing everything else correctly? I do not want to see any additional charges knowing that we are taking all precautions to travel on the ship carefully and by only using the boats wifi (with airplane mode always on and data turned off). Travelling is stressful already, but navigating with phones to avoid all unnecessary charges makes things much more difficult. 


Thank you!



Best answer by Bernard Koodo 22 May 2023, 14:46

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@jon82d With airplane mode on both phones it is physically impossible for your devices to connect cellphone networks. You would not be able to receive SMS notifications on them either.  We looked at your account and indeed see a healthy amount of usage on the days you mentioned above. We have not seen usage yet on the 21st. Now, the local networks you have connected to don’t always send real time information, but so far it doesn’t appear to be any usage post the 20th. Keep your phone on airplane mode,  you will continue to have access wi-fi wherever you go. I hope this helps and enjoy the rest of your trip!  

Hi Bernard,


Thanks for taking the time to review and respond. We very much appreciate this.


A quick question to resolve the charge for the 21st: is it possible to send and be charged for an SMS when in airplane mode and while data is off? This may have happened on our end, but only through habit and inexperience. I suppose the hope if this happens to anyone else is that the SMS simply does not transmit and no charges apply. Again, airplane mode has been activated since our departure at or around 17:00 Barcelona time on May 20. We are playing it more than carefully and we hope to not have to revisit this thread down the road if a charge does still continue to exist. 


Again, very appreciative of your wisdom and time in assisting us. 


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@jon82d No SMS would go through if the plane is on airplane mode.  Airplane mode is just about the same as not having a SIM in the phone.  It can’t connect to cellular network. It can though connect to wi-fi still.  What I do see is 2 SMS sent on the 21st by the line ending with 57. It appears airplane mode wasn’t on then. That said, to make you trip less stressful we will look after this one.