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Incorrect Data Charge

  • 19 June 2022
  • 3 replies

I recently hit my data limit, and I have my plan set to pause data when that happens. “Shock-free”, right? Anyway, I confirmed via SMS that I wanted to purchase some extra data. I hit that limit a day before my bill reset, so I just survived without data for a day. My bill arrives and I have a $10 data charge:



You can see in the screenshot that I purchase an extra 1GB for $25, i also did some roaming that month. But what is the $10 Data Charge for? 

3 replies

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When you replied to the SFD text did you recall you buy the data or did you also approve the extra “pay per use” rate? I was wondering if you accidentally agreed to use the payperuse rate also and hence the $10 (for 100MB) fee.


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@neilhenson85  We have looked into your account. @Dinh info suggestion was correct.  Your data was blocked at 100% You unblocked it, pay per use, and used 100 MB for $10 in a span of 4 hours. After that, you were blocked and purchased the 1GB for $25.  

Hope this helped


I don’t remember unlocking for pay per use. How did I do that? So I don’t do it again in future by mistake. As far as I remember I waited until I got to an area with a wi-fi network, then paid for the extra 1GB using the self serve option on the website. I never replied to the text to unlock it.