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Incorrect billing

  • 17 March 2023
  • 2 replies

I am being billed incorrectly.  I signed up in early January 2023 for $40.00 a month, you were having a special.  I am being billed for $60.00 a month.  Can someone please help?  Thank you.

2 replies

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I think the promotion was the $60 plan with $20/m credit for 24 months.

Can you post a snapshot of your page 3 (or 4) here? Where it showed the detail of your bill breakdown. Hide/delete all personal information before posting please.

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@currjan The promotion was for a $15 credit. That is indeed on your account. It brings the price of your $60 plan down to $45 for the duration of the promo. Taxes and other charges are of course on top of this.  I hope this helps.