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In-App billing scam

  • 20 September 2022
  • 3 replies

For the past two months I have been charged for an in app purchase. This was supposed to have been cancelled by the vendor. How can I have this removed and if possible be reimbursed

Michael Doyon


3 replies

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Hello @Michael Doyon! The subscription was cancelled on August 20th.

From 5415: “Dear customer your subscription to Content Quest has been cancelled. Help? helpca@sptwo.com”

To dispute the charges, please contact the vendor by email.

I have been having this same problem for months now on both of my phone lines and I have had zero success in getting help from koodo. Thinking about getting another provider if I can't get help. @Lavinia Koodo can you guide me?

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Hello @bitsofwool!

The line ending in 37 is subscribed to Xone since May 21st:

5415: “Welcome to XONE. You can access your account and enjoy the service by visiting https://wap.renxo.com/subs/4613 You will be charged $4.99/week (tax exc). To cancel, text STOP XONE to 5415 for free or visit . Help? support@renxo.com”

To cancel the subscription and dispute the charges, please follow the instructions in the SMS.

The line ending in 93 was subscribed to GameTown (Sep 1st) and Mobiversity (June 23rd), however both subscriptions were cancelled the same day. To dispute the charges, please refer to these messages:

5415: “Dear customer, your subscription to GameTown has been cancelled. Help? supportCA@gametown.me or call 8778992499”

5415: “Dear customer, your subscription to Mobiversity has been cancelled. Help? supportca@mobiversity.com or call 8448440405”