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I want to dispute a charge

  • 16 November 2023
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Hi Koodo, I recently went to Atlanta for six days. Not once did I turn on my roaming, yet I was billed for roaming each day. I did receive a call, which I took, and I’ll accept that – however, for the rest of the period I never used roaming data, nor was it turned on at any point. Roaming shouldn’t have been possible, yet I was charged. I’d like to have all but one of the charges removed.


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6 replies

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 Hi there @I want to dispute a charge 

We looked into the situation and the roaming charges present on October 30,31  and November 3 and 4 were triggered by sending text messages , with the November 3’rd also having the phone call in question. The charges are valid since sending texts while roaming will trigger the Easy Roam feature. 

I will also include a great help page with more details: 


Any texts I sent in the US were done while connected to wi-fi. If they required data, I should have been asked to activate roaming and notified that it would trigger Easy Roam. That never happened. Please explain how you justify applying hidden roaming charges to my account when roaming is disabled locally by my hardware. 

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You can find details about texting and instant messaging in the section “ Text and instant messaging “ in the above link.

The text messages that were sent, seem to be sent through the local network you were connected to while roaming. 

Roaming can be turned off for Data Roaming only, even when that’s off, you will still be able to use roaming for calling and texting. 


If you want to dispute this further, feel free to schedule a call-back with our Tech Support Team and they will investigate this further. 

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I didn’t see the link clearly explaining that you’ll still be charged roaming if you use VoWIFI.



If you did still somehow connect to vowifi while out of country, you would still get charged for roaming fees.

If you wish to be able to send the occasional text while in the US, you should remove easy roam and use the PPU rate. It costs 10 dollars to send 100 outgoing SMS in a billing cycle. That’s significantly cheaper than daily easy roaming for some texts.

I need to confirm. I have the Canada to US calling package and have added on the Canada to US texting.  When I am in the US can I call and text back to Canada for free? Do I need Roaming?

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Those packages are for calling to the US while in Canada. You’ll need a plan that specifically includes CAN-US calling.