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I have been charged for a purchase I did not make

  • 22 September 2022
  • 4 replies

I have been charged 886.46$CAD for a purchase on KOODO WEBSTORE 9871, but I have never purchased anything from KOODO. 

I need this transaction cancelled. Help please.

4 replies

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If you haven’t had any communication with Koodo then call your bank immediately to have the transaction cancelled and reported as fraud.

If you have had some sort of communication with Koodo let us know and we can flag this to a rep to have it cancelled.

Thanks for the reply Allan. But my bank says that a transaction may be eligible for dispute if you tried to resolve the problem with the merchant first.

Is there a number to reach customer service for Koodo webstore? 

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Go here: http://koodo.com/chat and type “contact webstore”, and you can pick a time from a representative the webstore to call you back. I just checked and you can get a callback within the next 30min.

ok, thank you very much for your help Allan. 

Much appreciated.