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I did not authorize Easy Roam and want rhe charge reversed

  • 6 February 2024
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I did not authorize Easy Roam and would never use it. It was extremely difficult to find where to turn it off and once I finally did, I already have one day if easy roam charged to my account. This is unethical billing, I should be given the choice if I want to be charged per transaction or a full day for an accidental call. I butt dialed someone and was immediately charged. This happened to my wife as well. She was texting someone who has iMessage but for some reason it sent the message as green and she was also charged $16. We have an ESIM and don’t need easy roam. I want these charges reversed. 

4 replies

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If you want to turn off easy roam, just remove the easy roam add-on via self serve.

If you are using imessage, you should check the settings and make sure “send as SMS” when imessages fail is turned off.

Since you left easy roam on when you dialed or sent an SMS, then you technically used easy roam and Koodo will not credit you for those charges.

If you still want to pursue this (and I understand if you do), you need to wait until your pdf ebill is generated and then request a callback via Koodo assist to speak to a rep.




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 Hi @Krzyyy 

Upon checking, we see that the Easy Roam add ons was provisioned upon activation and the details of the plan and add ons included are available on the service agreement that can be downloaded and reviewed in self serve 

In case you prefer to go pay per use, Easy Roam add ons can be removed at any time in self serve, under Mobile Services > Manage add ons and make sure the pay per use International roaming add ons are added (required when travaling outside of Canada and US): https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/easy-roam

My point is, I did not specifically authorize the Easy Roam. The website gives no information as to how to disable it. I went to the Easy Roam section and there is no information given how to disable it. No where! I had to spend along time searching thru the website to finally find it. I use esims when travelling and have no need for easy roam. I only keep my line active to know if someone is trying to call me. 
As many other people have pointed out, this is shady on Koodo’s part. I would like this charge reversed or I will think about going back to Virgin who actually have live people to talk to. Who are reasonable when situations like this occur. 

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We are sorry you feel this way.

Our virtual assist can guide our customers through almost everything that can be done in self-serve:


If you wish to dispute the charges, please schedule a call back once the bill is ready, as @Dennis suggested