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I cancelled my cell phone plan on Sep 10, 2023 but still getting charged automatically on OCT and NOV

  • 18 November 2023
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I cancelled my cell phone plan on Sep 10, 2023 with Koodo and paid off all the bills on time every month. I received the formal cancellation confirmation email from Koodo on Sep 10, 2023. However Koodo Topup still kept automatically charging monthly fee after cancellation date with no service provided.  


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22 replies

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Did you check your final bill in self-serve to see if it shows any days charged adfter 10 Sep?

Don’t understand why it is sooooooo hard to connect with Koodo customer service after cancellation. It seems like Koodo gonna keep charging me forever…… although I don’t owe a single penny to Koodo. 


Yes, I did checked my final bill in self-serve. It shows I paid off all the bills.


My bill date is the 10th of the month. My cancellation date is Sep 10, 2023 after I was with Koodo for one year

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Hi @KathySS 

Based on your account details (for the phone number ending in *77), the last payment was received in September, and we can indeed see the cancelation date was September 10th.

Have you tried to get in touch with your bank regarding those payments?

Thank you. Yes, I did get in touch my bank and I was told I could dispute the charge any time. However, I think I need to contact Koodo Topup before I dispute,  right?  And I need Koodo to stop the wrong charging immediately. 




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@KathySS Do you have an active Koodo prepaid account?

Based on the screenshots you shared, this seems to be for Koodo prepaid top-ups. 

Please see my bank statement showing Koodo Top Up charge in OCT and NOV. Can I ask if it is Koodo or not? When I was with Koodo the past one year, I paid off bills in time every month through online banking. But since I cancelled the plan on  Sep 10, 2023, Koodo Top Up suddenly showed up and charged my credit card automatically without checking my account history and balance. It is unfair and unbelievable! Can you please tell me how and when I can get my refund and stop this asap? Thank you!  

I have no idea about “prepaid” thing . I know I got the plan with no contract last year. And Koodo prepaid top-ups has never showed up until Sep 16, 2023.(I thought it was charging my last month fee) 


Can you please let me know what I need to do to solve my problem? Please!!! 

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Unfortunately, we coudn’t find an active account on our end based on what you shared above.

The last payment received for the canceled postpaid account was in September, no other payments received after that.

Please follow this link https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help?INTCMP=KMNew_NavMenu_support&INTCMP=KMNew_NavMenu_support,  and choose Mobility Prepaid, and request a call back through the virtual assist, so an agent can further look into it.

I contacted Koodo (866) 9956636 several times Sep 16 to 18, 2023 but has never got any result. Coz I wasn’t able to reach Koodo directly due to cancellation. Only Koodo can reach me but Koodo customer service seems ignore me. I even went to Markville Mall Koodo counter in Oct, but they asked me to contact Koodo billing department…… Never end………..OMG  

Ok, thank you!



??? Can you advise what I need to do?


I only have monthly customer user name and pw, but not prepaid. It’s Koodo who messed it up . I wasn’t able to login prepaid account so could get any further virtual assist.


I only have monthly customer user name and pw, but not prepaid. It’s Koodo who messed it up . I wasn’t able to login prepaid account so couldn’t get any further virtual assist.


Finally, book the call back time. Hopefully it can help. Thank you so much!