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How to pay a bill without being in Canada anymore?

  • 6 February 2024
  • 3 replies


I am not in Canada anymore, I don’t have a Canadian bank account or a Canadian credit card, how can I pay my last bill?

3 replies

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Hi @Hugo Ramon Valente 

International credit cards may be accepted, however, it’s not guaranteed (https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/online-payment-methods). Have you attempted a payment with an International credit card in self serve?

Hi @Flo Koodo 

I tried using my international credit card, but it didn’t work.

It says in the link you sent me, that I can contact Koodo to check if they can accept my credit card, but it doesn’t say how to contact them. I tried via chat, but it was not possible. 

I’m not in Canada anymore, so I can not schedule a callback.

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@Hugo Ramon Valente 

We have just sent you a PM, as we’d need to confirm some more details, please check the inbox section on your community profile when you get the chance.