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Haven't been able to pay my phone bill online in months

Hi there,


Long story short, every time I have gone to pay my phone bill online, I get this error



I don’t want to have to keep continuing calling 611 to pay my phone bill.  My contract is up for renewal in a few months and I’m debating on going with another carrier, because this is ridiculous.

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@Sacha Cox I totally understand how you feel. I would be equally frustrated. There should be nothing easier than accept payments from our customers.  We are going to look further into this. It’s fairly isolated to a handful of customers. We receive hundreds of thousands of payments (even online) and it works for the vast majority people. From what I can tell the issue for you started sometime in April as any prior payments have successfully gone through.  You are using the same card so that doesn’t explain things.  In the error message there a reference to ‘OTP’, which typically refers to a ‘one-time-passcode’ transaction.  I will ask the team to look at that as that appears to be the best source for now to identify the issue.

In the meantime,  we have added some more data (no cost to you) to your account. With that, you may consider switching your perk from rollover data to maybe speed boost or something else. Thanks for you continued patience! We will provide an update next week in hopes of having found the root cause. 

Thank you Bernard, I appreciate it!