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Fixing errors from past bills

  • 5 February 2024
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I’ve just noticed that on a past bill I was charged a roaming fee when I didn’t leave the country (I was close to the border). Koodo Assist doesn’t seem to be able to help me and although I’ve requested a callback I am in and out of appointments myself for work and so there’s a high likelihood that without being able to actually schedule a time for the call that I will miss it.


Is there another way to address this error?

4 replies

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Let me flag a rep for you.


As a note, if you are near the border, you can set your network manually to Koodo to prevent accidental roaming while in Canada



Thanks for that, Dennis. I have made a note about choosing the network manually for the future.

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Hi @Julia103 

We have sent you a PM so we can confirm some more details regarding the charges, please check your community inbox when you get the chance. 

Many thanks.