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  • 24 November 2022
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I am in Mexico and have 2 charges of 1 min for two consecutive days.  When checking it shows from my Iphone canadian number to the ER/VC ROAM/VOY MEXICO.  I do not use this phone as I have a phone through Telcel for here.  My data roaming  is off, WIFI is off.  There was a 1 800 call come in which I did not answer and not sure how that is possible if everything is in off position.  I have not texted out but have received incoming text and not been charged for them.  Could someone tell me what settings need to be off to avoid charges but still receive text messages.  I thought I have it figured but apparently not.  On looking at my self serve I note that call is from my number to ER/VC Roam I do not understand how this is possible.  Please help

2 replies

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Is your data also turned off? If Both data and data roing were off, then it shouldn't be any leakage.

If you didn't answer phone calls, then no charge.   You can receive texts free.

Please check the setting againg.


my data and data roaming has been off the whole time.  Did have wifi on and as I said I had one 1 800 call come in but I did not answer or look at it.  Now I am getting voice messages coming in which I am not opening.  Have received text messages and not been charged but do not understand why I have these two charges for roaming when I have followed protocols for not receiving data.   If  I need to receive security codes which has happened I receive these via text.  I have an Iphone 11 and am sure my settings are correct.  Both Data and Data Roaming is off.  Do not understand this

Thank you for trying to help me through this.  It seems Koodo just ignores these problems. How do you show them that all setting are set as per their written instruction and yet you still receive charges.  I will keep this phone on airplane mode unless absolutely necessary to use.