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Easy Rome Incorrect Charges

I had created a post earlier but I cannot find it anymore.  I received a response on my email but when I try to log in it says access denied.  Anyways my husband and son were on Vancouver Island with their phones off hiking and when they turned them on it access US roaming.  They were only on for a few minutes but they never left the country.  The dates are May 16 and 17 for the number ending 1867 and May 17 for the number ending 9786.  

Thank you

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Let me flag rep for you. 

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If you already posted here in the past, your account might have been processed already. I recommend you check your self-serve and see if any credit was posted there.

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Hi @jodipoelzer 

We didn’t find a previous post here on community

We have reviewed the details and we have been able to remove the  accidental roaming charges, feel free to check the details in your self serve account when you get the chance.

We recommend switching data roaming off and also switch to manual network and select Koodo in the phone settings, this would prevent the connection to a US tower when near the border.

For more info about how to prevent accidental roaming charges, please check out this article https://community.koodomobile.com/plans-services-232910/easy-roam-understanding-how-you-will-be-charged-while-traveling-7811296