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Easy Roam Charing Despite In Canada

Hi there, 

I apologize for the late call, but I reviewed my latest bill just now and noticed that I was charged for easy roaming for 4 days between May 21 and May 25. This is a mistake, as I returned to Toronto on May 20 and have stayed there since. Somehow, I only received the “Welcome to Canada” message on the 27th. Could you assist me in this matter? Thank you.

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That was strange. When you mentioned you returned to Canada on the 20th, did you use the phone right away?

Have you traveled near the border with the US recently?

I don’t remember exactly and no, I haven’t been near the boarder since returned. Even if I got charged on 20th somehow (which is not the case), the charge between 21 to 25 does not make sense.

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How do you know you were charged between the 21st and 25th?

Did you login to your self serve and download your detailed pdf ebill?


Can you confirm when you were out of country?

Yes, the ebill shows I was charged between 21st to 25th. 

I was out of the country last year September and returned on May 20th.

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Can you post a screenshot of your pdf ebill that that shows Easy roam for those dates?

Correction, it was under usage tab

I also made a mistake in my earlier statement. I misremembered, my return trip for 20th was cancelled and I in fact returned on 27th. It still does not make sense that I was charged because roaming was turned off on my phone and I didn’t move prior to 27th. 


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Let me flag a rep for you

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Hi @zwc800 

The usage indicates there were outgoing texts the days when the roaming charges were triggered.

For more details, please check the usage section in self serve https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/monitoring-your-data-self-serve

Any usage made when in roaming, except for incoming text messages, triggers the roaming charges

For more info about how to prevent unwanted roaming charges, please check out this article https://community.koodomobile.com/plans-services-232910/easy-roam-understanding-how-you-will-be-charged-while-traveling-7811296