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did not travel to U.S. but got charged for roaming

  • 10 July 2024
  • 2 replies

I did not travel to the U.S. but got charged $14.75 for roaming. Kindly act swiftly to review my bill  because I can’t afford it as a student. 

2 replies

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Hi there,

if a mobile master sees your post, they can flag a rep who would look into the charge and they will respond here. To prevent this from possibly happening in the future, check out the tips in this article, especially under turning off roaming and manually setting Koodo for your network. 🙂👍

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Hi @Jaleel 

We have reviewed the details and we have been able to remove the $14 roaming charge since it was triggered due to accidental data roaming, feel free to check the details in your self serve account when you get the chance.

For the $0.75, it’s for messages sent to US.

Your plan doesn’t include international messages, however, you can add the Unlimited International SMS and MMS as extra perk (for a monthly cost) if you plan to use messages to US or to international numbers regularly.

Please follow the link provided by @Oliver C above to find out more about how to prevent accidental roaming.