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Credit dinged - Late Payment

  • 21 November 2021
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I’m here about a bad credit ding I just got for missing a payment. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and was there any chance for a 1 time offense to be removed? I naively assumed that since I used my online card to start the plan that it would also just debt it from the card I registered and paid for my account with.

My credit score just went from 730 down to 640 because of 1 missed payment, because I didnt have automatic payment set up. 


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3 replies

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Are you certain that one missed payment could created such drop in credit rating? There are many other factors though. Also, it should recover after few months if you pay on time.

Regarding the removal of the report, I didn’t see any case in the forum where they removed it. It was a legit report though. 

Yeah, I’m 100% sure that this is my only ding on my entire credit report, seems wild I lost so much score. I have a bunch of student loans paid off, been managing my own credit cards for the last few years with no missed payments, this is the only bad ding on my report. I have no idea how this even happened either, it has 3 months of apparently on-time payments to koodo and all of a sudden last month the payment missed. Oh well lesson learned. I’m relatively young so maybe my credit is just more volatile due to less history (only 5-6 years probably since my student loans)

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Credit score involves a relationship between income level, employment and debt load. It’s possible that students with limited income will experience more volatility than folks with a longer, more $table employment history.