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Charged twice

  • 18 September 2023
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Hi, there

I was charged twice on my bank account with Koodo, and the second charge (51.75) strangely is not showing up on my self-serve. Please help me investigate. 



4 replies

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Do you have multiple lines with koodo on different accounts? Because the payments are shown as going to two different account numbers.

Hi there. 

That account number seems to be from my spouse, James Tavares. The amount normally came out of his RBC chequing until this month. Neither of us has made a change to our account and billing, is there a reason why it started coming out of my current chequing account? 

I can't help you with your question, but you might want to black out some of the personal info you are showing as this is a public forum.

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Hello @Paul Sileika 

For your privacy and security, we removed the picture that included sensible information. 


In regards to the payments, I can only check the account that is connected to the email you used to log in here. I can definitely see one single payment on this account. The other payment most probably is on a 2’nd account.

You would be able to confirm that by verifying the Self Serve for each account and in the bank statements as well. 


Payment methods are set by customer interaction and request. They can be set either through Koodo or through the Financial institution itself.   

If you want to make a change in regards to the payment method, we have a great help page here. 

We have limited access to some actions here however, if you need assistance you can reach our Financial Team by scheduling a call-back via the Koodo Virtual Assist.