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Charged for roaming but I did not leave Canada

  • 6 February 2024
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I was charge for roaming but I never left Canada.


Easy Roam US - $14


Please advise. 

5 replies

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I’ll flag a rep to assist. There’s more info on how to prevent this from happening again here:


Please credit my account. I did not leave Canada, 

I have 3 $14 charges on my last bill even though I didn’t leave the country. I live near the border and sometimes my phone thinks I’m in the US. How do I get these charges reversed? Thanks!


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@CheriseSun @Mattrobertson 

We have reviewed the charges and we were able to remove the charges since they were triggered by accidental roaming.

We recommend checking the article shared by @Goran above to learn more about how to prevent unwanted roaming when near the border.


Thankyou :)