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Charged Easy Roam twice - Never left the country

  • 6 November 2023
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Hello, I was charged Easy Roam on September 10, 2023 @ 11:55 am and again on October 1, 2023 @ 11:01 am.

I live near the border so I can see why it was charged, but I did not leave Canada. I also read that “Incoming texts will not trigger Easy Roam but outgoing will”. I went and looked at my usage just to make sure I didn’t accidently send anything while I was closer to the border. 

On the dates I was charged:

-Sept 10, my last outgoing/sent message was at 9:00am. Easy Roam was activated @ 11:55am (under Minutes). Then all messages were received only from then until 5:43pm until I sent the next message. I don’t see any received roaming texts under “Messaging” this day but I might be missing it. 

-Oct 1, Easy roam was activated @ 11:01am (under Minutes)  and shows I only received messages until my outgoing/ sent text that day until 5:41pm. It does show I received “Roaming Texts” at 12:03 x2 and 12:42 x2 but still none sent by me. 

Just wondering if there was a way to wave these fees and information on how I can prevent this from happening being so close to the border when I am not sure where some places will trigger easy roam. Especially if it is being triggered only by received and not any outgoing. (even thought it says that it will only be triggered by sent/outgoing).

Thanky you!


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if it wasnt due to a sent text, it could be due to data use.

The instructions here help identify what triggered roaming


If you are near the border, you can always set your network to Manual and select Koodo to avoid accidental roaming while still in Canada.


I will also flag a rep to look at the accidental roaming charges

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So, you were in Canada on those days?  

In that case I can Flagg a rep. 

You mentioned that charges are under minutes. They only show the roaming charges under min which makes customers confused. There should be a better way to show which activity trigger the charge.

 Set your mobile selection manually to Koodo and roaming off to prevent roaming charges in the future -  . More info here




I can't delete my reply. I was distracted by something else and I didn't know Dennis already answered.


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Hello @Kelsey Iachetta 

We verified the days of the charges and were able to confirm that you connected for a brief moment to the US towers and that triggered the charge. 

A credit was applied for both days and will take effect within 3-5 minutes in the Self Serve account.

We would recommend checking the links offered by @Dennis  as it will offer you options on how to avoid. 

So sorry I just realized I had replies on this! 

Thank you  so much! I will go to those links and try to set my phone up so that i can avoid this in the future! Thank you!