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Charge Dispute: EasyRoam Charges when using eSim and Canada sim card/line turned OFF

  • 5 February 2024
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From December 23-Jan 2, I was in the United States. On December 23rd, I purchased an eSim from Airalo.  I accept the charges for that day, as I was using EasyRoam to purchase the eSim. My issue is with December 24-Jan 2.

I travel to and from the US a lot, and I have used Airalo several times over the past two years and I have never had an issue with being charged for EasyRoam until now. 

During the eSim set up, the following things happen:

  • A SECONDARY line (ie the eSim) is added
  • “Roaming Data” is then turned ON for the SECONDARY line.
  • “Roaming Data” is then turned OFF for the PRIMARY line (ie Canadian SIM/line).
  • “Phone Number” is assigned to SECONDARY. 
  • “Primary Voice Line” is set to SECONDARY.
  • “Cellular Data” is set to SECONDARY.
  • “Automatic Network Selection” is set to OFF.
  • “Allow Cellular Data Switching” is set to OFF.
  • The line for PRIMARY is then turned off all together 

I verified these settings multiple times to verify that they were set up correctly, as they were set up incorrectly during a trip to Nevada in November which resulted in EasyRoam charges. I even had my mom text and call my phone number to verify that I was not receiving texts or calls to the number. 

When I arrived back in Canada, on January 2, 2024, I turned my Primary Line back on in the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) at approximately 3:14 PM, which is when I messaged my partner that I landed. Upon turning my primary line’s data on, I received multiple text messages that would have been sent while my Primary Line was turned off. 

Despite all of that, I still got charged for EasyRoam on various days I was there. I would like to dispute the charges below (December 25-January 2), as every single setting that would allow for this to happen was turned off. 



16 replies

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Let me flag a rep to assist if possible with these charges.

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Hi @harnisk 

We have just checked and the roaming fees were triggered for voicemail  check in two days and for text messages in the other days.

More info can be found in the usage section in self serve https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/monitoring-your-data-self-serve

@Flo Koodo That’s the problem though. The primary phone line SIM for Koodo was off the entire time I was in the USA. The text messages were not received and the voicemails were not checked until I arrived back in Canada on January 2nd. The primary phone line was turned back on at around 3:14 PM on January 2nd. I know this because that is the time which is when I sent messages to let me family know I was back in Toronto after the plane had landed. They may have been sent on the days listed above, but they were not received on the phone when they were sent. 

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Incoming messages do not trigger the roaming fee, however, according to the usage, there were outgoing text messages.

Are there any outgoing messages showing your messages history in that period when the charges occured? 

The only messages sent were via iMessage, which were sent while connected to Wifi. When I travel, I turn off the option to Send From from my phone number when using iMessage as well. This was actually turned off November 6th, 2023 while I was in Nevada, and it was not turned back on until January 22nd, 2024. 


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We recommend scheduling a call back with the virtual assist, so a tech rep can further  look into it

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The only messages sent were via iMessage, which were sent while connected to Wifi. When I travel, I turn off the option to Send From from my phone number when using iMessage as well. This was actually turned off November 6th, 2023 while I was in Nevada, and it was not turned back on until January 22nd, 2024. 


I know what you were trying to do.  That is the entire point of getting a local esim while travelling.


Using the article linked below how much talk, texts sent, and data was used while roaming for your trip?


Also are you able to login to your Airalo account and see how much talk, text, and data was registered to be used on the esim during your trip?

From when it was purchased, which reflects on the order ID: 20231223 (December 23, 2023)

Unfortunately it expired on January 22, so I cannot see exactly how much data was used: 


But, I do also have an email from January 1, 2024 stating that I had 25% left:


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But, I do also have an email from January 1, 2024 stating that I had 25% left:



Too bad it doesnt show texts sent or Calls made


And what and how much did you use for Koodo?


Here is the data usage page from December 15th-January 14th. As you can see, no data was used between December 23rd, when I arrived in the US, and Jan 2, when I arrived back in Canada:


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Ok so it looks clear that data used the esim. 


How about talk and texts (sent)? 



Sorry for the delay for the other tabs, I was on my way home from work.

The minutes page is long, but this an example of the breakdown of what it looks like this for all of the days in question: 

  • The “Text messages” column are messages sent domestically and through iMessage. In my case, the time stamps correspond with messages sent via iMessage from my iPad. My iPad is connected to my Apple ID; however, again, my sending/receiving from my phone number was disabled in Messages settings on my iPhone). My iPad does not have a cellular plan. I was also connected to Wifi at my relatives house when it was sent.
  • Examples of the messages sent via iMessage are below: 
    • Screenshot 1, Jan 2, 2024 9:42 AM
    • Screenshot 2, Jan 1, 2024 9:17 PM 
    • Screenshot 2, Dec 31, 2023 11:31 PM
  • The rest of the lines in Screenshot 1 show what regular messages look like when sent to/from on Canadian data (phone numbers redacted for privacy). 
    • Screenshot 1, Jan 2 4:15 PM (sent) 
    • Screenshot 1, Jan 2 4:16 PM (received) 
  • The “International Text Messages” sections in Screenshot 2 all show the following:
    • “Roaming Txt Msg - Received: 1”
    • These messages were received upon entering Canada on January 2nd, but still appear on the day they were sent because the line was still active when they were sent. 
  • There are no lines regarding “Roaming Txt Msg - Sent: 1” or anything else regarding sent messages under any of the lines with “International text messages”, because there were not any International texts sent. 



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iMessage is data based messaging. It does not go through the cellular network like sms (texting) or mms (picture messaging). Because of this, if you sent an iMessage it would not show up as a text message sent in your koodo usage. If it shows up on the Koodo usage page as a text sent then it would have been sent as a green text bubble on your phone with the Koodo sim card. 


I think from the looks of it, dispite your best intentions, it seems the settings you thought you set on your phone for texting and calling either didn't save or there was a mistake setting them. 

I’m have scoured my phone and the only messages sent at the time correspond with the iMessages, which synced through my Apple ID from my iPad and were sent blue, not green. I don’t understand how it’s “despite my best efforts” when there are BLUE iMessages that correspond with the exact date and time on the Messages page  

I travel a lot and go the eSim route every time I am in the US. There have been there about a dozen times in the past year, even more if you include the past two years that I have been using eSims. This has literally never been an issue before.

I did things the exact way the EasyRoam page tells you to set up, verified the settings multiple times, and was EXTRA vigilant when doing it because of the accrued charges in from roaming in November. So either Koodo has changed how they interact with eSims, or there is an error when iMessages send and sync between iPads and iPhones. This also does not explain why I am being charged for received voicemails. The voicemails weren’t checked until arriving back in Canada, as they didn’t even appear on my phone until my phone line was turned back on on January 2nd. 

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The fact things have been working the last 2 years but something went wrong this time is what I mean “despite your best effort”.

I want to be clear that Koodo has ZERO line of sight to any data based messaging like imessage or whatsapp or facebook messenger, etc.  Koodo wont know how many of those data based messages are sent or when they are sent (like your emails or community posts).  The fact they have the exact date and time means that “somehow” it was sent through your iphone as a regular text message (SMS).


If you are confident you had the settings correct, I would suggest having your phone checked at an Apple store.  If you messages on your iphone (not ipad) appear as blue bubbles and there are no evidence of any green bubbles, I would also reach out to Apple support