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Call backs from client support never happen!

  • 12 January 2022
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I have now set up call backs, on three separate occasions, and have never received a call from Koodo customer care.


I have done the following troubleshooting:

  1. restarted phone
  2. ensured the Koodo customer care number is not blocked on my phone
  3. added the Koodo customer care number to my contacts
  4. ensured my phone could receive calls from my friends


This is very frustrating, because I have some overage charges I would like to dispute from my last months bill.  If I am not able to actually talk to a client care representative I am sure they will start charging interest on the late payment.

8 replies

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I’ve flagged a rep to look into this for you.

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Hi @EPerry 

We have sent you a PM so we can confirm some more details in regards to the overages, please check it out when you get the chance.

Hi there.

Had a phone call from a representative this morning.  I saw his missed call this morning, while i was sleeping (09:23), but was able to answer his second call at 12:34.

He asked that I attach a screen shot of the text messages I received about the scheduled call backs.

I did not receive any calls on my end (or notifications for missed calls).

I did not receive a voicemail at any time.


Hope this helps with troubleshooting.


Thanks to the rep I spoke to this morning for his help with my original issue!


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@EPerry Thanks! That was me. And the call went through because I called you from my phone. Thanks for all your insight and additional info, confirming that the text prior to the calls came but the calls never did. And no voicemail was left on the third attempt either. 

Hi there.  So I think I have figured out the issue!  Please try to call me back when you can!!


The missed voicemails were on my work phone!!!

So my personal phone is STILL call forwarding to my work phone.. even though I had turned off call forwarding weeks ago and restarted my phone! 

I found 9 voicemails (3 for each call request).  I verified again (and weeks ago) that call forwarding is off on both phones, and I have restarted both phones a number of times.


I wonder how many other calls I am not receiving because of this glitch!

Btw, it seems to only call forward sometimes ?

so just found out a girl I was dating was calling me and getting no answer for the last 3 weeks so she thought I ghosted her.  Smh

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@EPerry Tried to call but I think you mentioned you often have your phone on do-not-disturb and we only get your voicemail. 

I do see call forward continuing to be activated on select calls.

Can you pls take a look at the below page and make sure to follow the steps deactivating call forward? You mentioned you activated your call forward on your device not on the network, but as another step to close out things let’s see if this would help: