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Billing - phone not even activated yet

  • 17 November 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi, I ordered a sim card to move over to Koodo.  It has not arrived yet, my phone is still on the other carrier, and yet I’ve been billed for a month + a partial month.  this is not right, please assist.

3 replies

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I'll flag a Rep to assist with the charges in the meanwhile. How long has it been? Do you have an order number?

hi Goran, thanks

order number is HFO31665117, on Nov 10th.


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When you order a new koodo line, they pre-activate the line with a temporary number the day they send it out in the mail.  This way when it arrives you can port your number in and can use. It right away. 

Usually not long after a bill gets sent out. For the partial month and for a full month for the next month (telecom services bill 1 month ahead like internet, cable, etc).

Just pay it for now, and when you get the sim in the mail you can contact Koodo and get a credit for the time prior to your sim arriving. 

Doing anything right now won't help. Since they won't know how much to credit your bill until you get the sim.