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Billing extra charges

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi, I had extra charges for hardware upgrade fee, connection fee , Activation fee (even after being with koodo for 2 years), Long distance charges even with LD perk activated added on my bill for the device order that I had placed and cancelled over same phone call with Koodo rep. I schedule callback and talk on call for more then 3 hours for them to understand what happen and remove some charge and saying some are pending to be removed. Koodo rep did not understand I am not calling to remove charges made by me mistakenly but the error Koodo made on my bill.  I want to know how can koodo redress my time, stress and headache I endure due to the error made by koodo and launch an offical complain. 

2 replies

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The connection fee is applied every time you upgrade your phone at a store or ask a rep to assist. It should be communicated to you at the time of activation/upgrade. It is only waived if you did upgrading online yourself.

Regarding the Long distance charge, Did the long distance call happen before you got the perk? If possible, can you show us your page 3,4 PDF bill where it show long distance charge, and the date you had the long distance perk on your plan? Hide all personal information before posting please as this is a public forum.