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Billed twice for International Roaming

  • 15 November 2021
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I was overseas during the billing period of Sep 17 to Oct 16 and used the International Roaming option on two days, for which I was billed $26.


I returned to Canada on Oct 4. However, I have billed $26 again for two days of International Roaming for the billing period of Oct 17 to Nov 16. 


How can I get the extra charge removed. Unfortunately, since I have automatic payment set up for my account, the bill for Oct 17 to Nov 16 has already been paid. 

1 reply

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If koodo has made an error it should not be an issue as koodo will provide a credit. 

Can you login to your self serve and download your last 2 pdf ebill (your October ebill and November ebill).

Can you find the roaming charges? What are the dates noted for each of the roaming charge on both ebills?