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amount of refer a friend billing discount OF $5 LESS HST calculated wrong for ON

  • 22 November 2021
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according to online  information billing credits

a billing credit of $10 becomes a actual credit of 8.85 with 1.15 being reserved for hst credit at 13%

I received a refer a friend email which says “a discretionary credit offered in ON includes $.085 HST meaning the credit value displayed will be $4.15 .   The $.085 HST is captured as a reduction in the amount of tax charged on your balance owing.

the MATH IS INCORRRECT  - half of $10 is $5 and

half of the actual credit should be $4.42 and not $4.15  - 

4.42 *.13 =   .57 HST and not  .85






5 replies

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So the credit you got on your bill was $4.15 or $4.42?

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Would you be able to share a screenshot of this email and then I can flag it to a rep to have it fixed. 

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Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In order for us to look into it further, we will please need you to send us a private/direct message on either Facebook or Twitter, so we can authenticate and access your account.

i have only got the referral email from my friend

but because of the inaccuracies on the email - i wonder if koodo is the service provider for me

-there a many costs associated with switching providers

-$5 sim card  - overlap of plans (on koodo and old provider) until you can import your old phone number

-you end up paying for 2 active plans

-$25 only covers part of the cost


Join me at Koodo and we’ll both save $25 on our phone bills! Cha-ching.

Your friend xxxxxxxxxx thought you might want a happier mobile experience. If so, we’d love to have you. And to prove it, we’ll take
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1. Credit provided is discretionary and includes applicable taxes (based on the taxes levied in the province of supply) therefore the value displayed on your bill is the value before tax.   For example, a $5 discretionary credit offered in ON includes $0.85 HST, meaning the credit value displayed will be $4.15. The $0.85 HST is captured as a reduction in the amount of tax charged on your balance owing.  For more information, please visit koodomobile.com/billcredits  

2. Check out terms and conditions at https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/common/terms?locale=en

You have received this email from Koodo Mobile because you are a member of Koodo Refer-a-Friend. To stop receiving emails from Koodo Refer-a-Friend, you may unsubscribe to end your participation in the program.

This email was sent by: Koodo Mobile 25 York Street Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2V5, Canada