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Account and Billing Issue

  • 18 November 2022
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I signed up for Koodo a few months ago on a pay as you go plan with my own phone, and from the beginning it didn’t go as planned.

I was never able to create a self serve account

The SIM card arrived on time but when I tried to activate it, I was told that the card number was invalid.

On sign-up I put that I wanted to port my number over but I was assigned a new number, which aslo didn’t work when trying to create a self-serve account.

I then decided to stick with my current provider, and my mistake was that I was in the middle of a move and starting a new job, so I tried to get in touch with someone to cancel my account, but as like with many others, could never figure out how to talk to an actual person so I just forgot about it for awhile.

Now, I am being billed monthly for a plan that I never activated the sim card, never created a self-serve account, never used a single minute of service because I couldn’t get any of the aforementioned to work, AND was assigned a number and an account type that I didn’t order.

I don’t feel that I should have to pay for a service that I never used and was never ABLE to use, so I would appreciate some help from someone to rectify this.  I will provide any information required, so if someone could get in touch I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Scott Gardiner.



4 replies

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Unfortunately, since you sat on it for a few months, you forfeited your chance to cancel during the grace period, so you won’t be able to cancel the plan without having to pay your bills I’m afraid.

However, you mentioned that you received the SIM card and tried to activate it. When you sign up, it arrives activated, all you need to do is insert it in your phone and start using it.

In order to port your old number, you do need a self serve account. You said you had difficulties creating one, can you outline the steps you tried and what error you got?

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Hi Scott,

Rogers/Telus/Bell are the first tier companies, if you will. They own Fido/Koodo/Virgin as their second tier of companies. There seems to be some more online issues lately with koodo tho. We're able to assist you here though, and there's other options if not us. Callback is also in option to speak with someone.

So the way à port works either way is you're assigned a random number until the port process is completed. Alternatively, you set up with another carrier, Koodo in this case, and once you're ready, in self-serve you opt to move your number and then the number will transfer over and cancel automatically with Rogers in your case. You'd have a final bill to pay with them.

You handle the porting your self in self serve.

Just follow the article here


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It honestly sounds like you signed up for a monthly postpaid plan, not a prepaid one. Prepaid SIM cards can't be purchased through the koodo website, only at a koodo store or through bestbuy.ca. the activation process for a prepaid SIM then includes creation of a self serve account as part of the process.

If you ordered a SIM via the koodo site then you setup a postpaid account. Postpaid SIM cards arrive already activated, which would be why you could not activate it again. (Prepaid and postpaid SIM cards are also not interchangeable). Because an account can't be activated without a number, a temporary number would have been assigned to your account. One the SIM is received you would then need to put your old number over from the previous provider, which would transfer the number to koodo and cancel the old account.

When the line was activated, you should have received an email from koodo with a link to setup your self serve account. Can you check if it ended up in your spam or junk mail folders? If you can't find it, the virtual assistant should be able to help setup your self serve if you tell it you can't sign in to self serve.

I did receive a link to setup my self-serve account and was never able to do so.  It would tell me that my email address was wrong, or my phone number was wrong (I tried both the number Koodo assigned to me and my own number that I stated I wanted to use when I signed up).  

I was under the impression from what I read when I signed up that I had to activate the SIM card when I received it.  Perhaps I misread that, but I don’t think so as I am pretty experienced with this kind of thing.  


I will attempt to get a call back today and speak to a rep.  I would think there should be some way to tell that I have not used a single minute of service because I have been unable to at this point and hopefully something can be worked out.

I appreciate your help.