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accidental raoming charges

  • 18 September 2023
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I wasn't sure how to get in touch earlier, but I got charged for U.S roaming on my last month bill. I have not visited the U.S at all this year but I was going to school close to the border so I think it jumped to a US network? Is there any way to take the charge off please? And is there any way to avoid it in the future without having to put airplane mode since I use my phone while at school? 


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2 replies

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I’ll flag a rep.

you can set your roaming off on your phone and select Koodo manually for network selection too.

more info:


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Hello @Gabs 

Sometimes the device is going to catch the network on the other side. From experience I know it's not pleasant, especially if it leads to charges.

It's a world-wide situation, since the device settings are set to automatically search for the strongest signal.

As @Mayumi mentioned, you can change that in the settings of the device and set it to Manual selection, after it's done searching, you select Koodo and it stays connected to Koodo, even near the border.

Turning the setting Data Roaming off while in Canada. This will avoid any accidental charges.

A credit was applied for the charge and will take effect within 3-5 minutes in the overview section of the Self Serve account. 

We have a great help page here: