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You've gotta be kidding - late payment charge?

In December I accidentally paid two months instead of one.  In January I was a few days late paying my bill and was charged for a late payment.  This I 'll never refer anybody to Koodo.

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@Myles: but if you refer anybody to Koodo through the refer a friend program, you could get a $25 bill credit (or $50 if the promo doubles it)...just kidding I realize that's not your concern.
On a more serious matter, if you call in to 866-99-KOODO and you point out that you were a few days late in your payment, and they see that (and they see that you're usually on time for paying your bill), they'll most likely credit the late payment charge.
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So you made a mistake by over paying.  As per regular process the amount was applied to your next bill.  Most companies do this (like credit card companies).

In January you admit that you were a few days late paying your bill and there was a late fee.  As per your phone contract, this was what you agreed to.  As per regular process the late payment triggered a late payment fee.  Most companies do this (Like credit card companies).

I dont understand the problem here.  What did Koodo do wrong?  It sounds like you made 2 mistakes.  And Koodo made no mistakes.  As a fellow customer I am not surprised by what happened.  Virgin, Fido, Telus, Bell, Rogers, Freedom would have all done the same thing.