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Would it effect my credit history if i pay the mobile bill one day late?

I had paid my mobile bill one day late because i was out of the province.. so would it effect my credit history ?

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Technically, everything you do affects your credit history, but there will not be a significant impact for paying a day late.
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More than probably not, Satish, but I advice you call Koodo (*611) and explain the bill was paid (albeit one day late)... it all depends on the terms of your plan (are you on a spending limit, for example?) and payment history 🙂
is there any way to resolve this issue?
Hi Sophia, I ve never paid any of the bills late.
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As far as I know, there's no way to stop the reporting. It happens and it will happen. It really isn't that big of a deal. As long as you paid the balance (and Koodo has to receive it as well) within the first 30 days of your bill, you are fine. The due date of your bill give you a few days after to make the payment. Bank payments will not count. Only credit card payments will count as same-day processing.
ok buddy thank u 🙂
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Satish Chowdary wrote:

ok buddy thank u :)

No problem!