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wireless home phone account was billed for sms & data just 1 MB.

my wireless home phone account was billed for SMS & Data just 1 MB. - cost was $4.99 How is this possible with phones that can't connect to the internet or text? The bill shows a date and time of the usage. The phones that are hooked to the wireless station are just typical wireless home phones, can't connect to the internet, no texting ability. Confused, thinking it must be some kind of error.

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Well, on your bill it actually show up as below Brad:

I'm thinking it is something that you purchased (possibly accidentally or knowingly) and the charge was applied to your phone bill. I don't have the details yet, but will let you know tomorrow when our office is open again. 
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Ok Brad, found out what it was. It is not a service we provide. It's a third party service for which all billing inquiries are to be handled by vendor : Toll-free: 1-866-340-4990; web site: http://www.fastracknetworks.com.

The charge is from a call on February 3rd.